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13 Dec 2023
Introducing BRC-20 LABB Token by Bitcoin Startup Lab to Foster BTC Startup Community Growth

Bitcoin Startup Lab launches LABB, a community-centric BRC-20 token empowering BTC entrepreneurs, with similarities to Bitcoin and a capped total supply of 21 million.

Alisha Dar
11 Dec 2023
Europe invests $43 million in crypto funds with Bitcoin and Ether being the top choices

Europe leads in crypto investments as US and Asia lag behind, with Bitcoin and Ethereum attracting fresh inflows while investors remain cautious amid recent price increases.

Alisha Dar
10 Dec 2023
Can Ethereum's Price Reach $3000? A Chart Pattern Offers Clues

Ethereum coin price steadily recovers, breaking out from resistance trendline of long-coming wedge pattern, indicating potential for higher recovery and potential 51% surge.

Claude Pascal
09 Dec 2023
Analysts Discuss Bitcoin's Future as Whale Transfers $8.7 Million in Ethereum to Binance

Cryptocurrency whale transfers $8.7 million worth of Ethereum to Binance, while four analysts provide evaluations for Bitcoin, including bullish outlooks and strategic investment advice.

Lisette Lémieux
07 Dec 2023
According to reports, Societe Generale is set to become the first traditional finance (TradFi) bank to introduce a stablecoin and is planning to launch it on Bitstamp

Societe Generale becomes the first traditional finance institution to launch its own stablecoin, EUR ConVertible, on Bitstamp, complying with EU's MiCA laws and designed for settling trades involving digital bonds and assets.

Alisha Dar
05 Dec 2023
The SEC has postponed its verdict on Grayscale's proposed spot ether ETF until the beginning of the new year

Grayscale Ethereum Trust's ETF faces SEC delay until Jan. 25, as the commission needs more time to consider the proposed rule change.

Claude Pascal
03 Dec 2023
After a bullish breakout, liquidations worth over $110 million were triggered by Bitcoin

Short sellers lose over $100 million as Bitcoin surges to $40,000, while wBTC on Ethereum experiences muted demand despite positive crypto market trend.

Lisette Lémieux
02 Dec 2023
The publication of a new vision paper has caused the Web3 infrastructure altcoin to surge by over 120% this week

AIOZ Network's native asset, AIOZ, surges over 120% due to the release of a new "Vision Paper," outlining its Web3 infrastructure for AI, storage, and streaming.

Ramona Galas
28 Nov 2023
The decline in NFT and DeFi activity is causing deflation for ETH

Cryptocurrency market shifts from bearish to bullish as network activity surges, attracting new investors and institutional participants, with Ethereum experiencing a significant deflationary trend due to a spike in transaction demand.

Ramona Galas
27 Nov 2023
Vitalik Buterin Aims to Revamp Ethereum Network

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin plans to redesign the Ethereum network to address performance issues and enhance ETH staking, with a focus on improving security and privacy for users.

Alisha Dar
21 Nov 2023
Could Cardano (ADA) Experience a Price Reversal as it Witnesses a Massive Whale Volume?

Cardano's whale transaction volume count on its proof-of-stake blockchain has increased by 11.55%, with a volume of $9.55 billion, making it the second largest among the top 10 listed coins after Bitcoin.

Claude Pascal
20 Nov 2023
Will Ethereum (ETH) Achieve New Records This Week Amidst Fascinating Whale Activity?

Ethereum (ETH) gains 4% and hits $2,000 mark, while ScapesMania (MANIA) offers a new gaming ecosystem with DAO governance, highlighting the diverse nature of the crypto world.

Lisette Lémieux
19 Nov 2023
Exchanges witness Whale's Ethereum (ETH) sales exceeding $97 million

HashKey wallet sells $97.7 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) causing a drop in price, but ETH has since increased by 1.26% in the last 24 hours, with a potential positive trend if it maintains a position over $1,945.

Ramona Galas
18 Nov 2023
According to Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon (MATIC) has achieved an unprecedented level of transactions per second (TPS)

Polygon (MATIC) blockchain experiences record-breaking performance with 500% more transactions than average and peak throughput of 255 transactions per second due to new PRC-20 tokens, generating over $1 million in transaction fees.

Ramona Galas
16 Nov 2023
In the competition for an Ethereum ETF, Fidelity has teamed up with BlackRock

Fidelity Investments files for regulatory approval to launch an Ethereum ETF, aiming to provide a safer way for mainstream investors to gain exposure to digital assets.

Claude Pascal
14 Nov 2023
Bakkt shifts focus to custodial solutions and broadens its coin support to include DOGE, SHIB, and other cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency firm Bakkt shifts focus to enhance digital asset custody services, adding six new cryptocurrencies and forming partnerships to fortify its custody division.

Ramona Galas
12 Nov 2023
Arthur Hayes, the Founder of BitMEX, Shares His Thoughts on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and the FED

BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes expresses confidence in Bitcoin and Ethereum as crypto world's reserve assets, dismissing other blockchains as overhyped, and discusses potential impacts of global conflicts and rising energy prices on monetary policy and Bitcoin's performance.

Alisha Dar
16 Sep 2023
Rise in Cryptocurrency Romance Scams: Hearts and Wallets Stolen

The surge in "pig butchering" scams, where fraudsters manipulate victims through flattery, often under the pretext of romantic involvement, is a growing concern. Authorities and cryptocurrency exchanges are urged to enhance protections against these scams.

Lisette Lémieux
14 Sep 2023
Grab Superapp and Circle, the Stablecoin Creator, Set to Commence Web3 Wallet Trial in Singapore

Superapp Grab and stablecoin issuer Circle have announced plans to initiate a trial for a Web3 wallet, known as the Grab Web3 Wallet, embedded within the Grab superapp.

Lisette Lémieux
12 Sep 2023
Concerns Over FTX-Driven Crypto Market Crash Exaggerated, Analysts Say

Crypto markets experienced a downturn on Monday amid worries that FTX would liquidate a portion of its $3.4 billion cryptocurrency holdings. However, analysts suggest that these concerns may be overstated.

Alisha Dar
06 Sep 2023
Story Protocol Secures $54 Million in a Round Led by a16z to Exploit IP Ownership Opportunities

Story Protocol, a project with the aim of creating an open-source platform for intellectual property (IP) ownership, has unveiled its launch along with securing a $54 million funding round led by a16z crypto.

Lisette Lémieux
21 Aug 2023
Momentum Capital Secures $10 Million Investment, Aims for Next 'Apple' in Crypto

A San Francisco-based fund specializing in cryptocurrency, Momentum Capital, has secured a substantial $10 million investment from BM Fund based in Canada.

Claude Pascal
18 Aug 2023
Elon Musk's SpaceX Not Responsible for Recent Multi-Billion-Dollar Bitcoin Price Drop

Bitcoin prices experienced an abrupt decline late on Thursday, leading to significant losses across futures and spot markets.

Claude Pascal
16 Aug 2023
Coinbase Gains Momentum with US Crypto Futures Approval

Coinbase Financial Markets received the green light from the National Futures Association (NFA) to function as a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM).

Ramona Galas
12 Aug 2023
From DeGods NFT Surge to Y00ts' Controversial Move: This Week in Blockchain

Coinbase unveiled its latest Base blockchain this week, while DeGods NFTs have seen a surge due to the announcement of their next series. Additionally, Microsoft and Aptos are collaborating to introduce new blockchain AI solutions.

Lisette Lémieux