Momentum Capital Secures $10 Million Investment, Aims for Next 'Apple' in Crypto

Claude Pascal
21 Aug 2023
A San Francisco-based fund specializing in cryptocurrency, Momentum Capital, has secured a substantial $10 million investment from BM Fund based in Canada.

This investment, confirmed in July 2023, is earmarked for team expansion and support for early-stage web3 projects, aligning with Momentum Capital's pursuit of discovering significant opportunities akin to an industry standout. BM Fund's endorsement stems from Momentum Capital's adept handling of volatile market conditions, fostering confidence in their capability. Moving forward, Momentum Capital is poised to intensify its focus on web3 prospects, prioritizing web3 infrastructure, regional opportunities, and applications as the market cycle evolves over the coming months.

Anticipating the upcoming phase of the cryptocurrency market cycle, Momentum expressed its readiness to enhance its concentration on web3 prospects.

"Momentum Capital remains devoted to investing in and nurturing web3 projects of intrinsic value," Momentum Capital Managing Partner Gary said. "As we navigate the currents of the market in the next six to twelve months, our focus will extend to nurturing global builders, with a keen emphasis on web3 infrastructure, regional web3 opportunities and web3 applications."

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