About $TOKENWATCH token

TokenWatch ecosystem is powered by its native ERC20 token, which offers users premium features, voting rights, staking, and access to exclusive content. The token's distribution is strategically planned to ensure long-term platform growth and user engagement.



$TOKENWATCH token & utility

$TOKENWATCH tokens holders will have access to the TOP ToTheMoonScore predictions. This access is to be provided to them via TokenWatch Signal Bot in Telegram.

Besides that $TOKENWATCH tokens are to be used for the voting by community for expected by them soon going to-the-moo tokens.

This voting takes an essential part in public ToTheMoonScore and translates the market perception and expectations.




Outstanding up to 25% APR for 2023/2024 holders from special staking pool (6% of total emission). Staking release is Q2 2024.



Every 1 vote made on the platform burns 1 $TOKENWATCH token from special burning pool. Burning release is H1 2024.


$TOKENWATCH token distribution

The $TOKENWATCH token is conceptualized as a foundational utility token within our platform. Its primary roles include access to the TOP ToTheMoonScore predictions via Signal Bot, enabling voting on what tokens are trending, vehicle of participating in staking rewards, and mode of access to premium features, among other utilities.

We have planned a systematic distribution of the total token supply to the public, spread across a 12-month period. This approach is designed to ensure a fair and balanced allocation of tokens.

A total of ~8% of supply is locked for future exchange listings and market making agreements. Approximately 12% of the total token supply is allocated for strategic purposes controlled by the project. These tokens are earmarked for essential activities such as marketing airdrops, introducing new utilities, and meeting various administrative treasury requirements.




This allocation is critical for the sustained growth and development of the TokenWatch Platform, enabling us to continue delivering value to our users and investors.

It's important to note that the TokenWatch Platform Team is committed to a stance of equity and fairness. As such, no personal tokens were held by the team members in the past and the team was engaged in the ICO process on the same terms as any other public invecreate stor, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.


About $TOKENWATCH token

Token Name: $TOKENWATCH       
Token Supply: 100’000’000       
Contract Address: 0xc3b3...dbd3


$TOKENWATCH token audit

TokenWatch Platform Team places paramount importance on the security of its token smart contracts, demonstrating a deep commitment to maintaining robust and reliable systems.

Recognizing the criticality of this aspect, we have engaged a highly reputable and experienced audit firm to thoroughly scrutinize our smart contracts.

This comprehensive audit has not only affirmed the highest standards of security but also confirmed adherence to the leading practices in the market. The results are a testament to TokenWatch's unwavering dedication to ensuring the utmost security and trustworthiness in their digital transactions.





To the potential partners to TokenWatch Platform and interested in $TOKENWATCH token trading, listing and other collaborations please contact our sales team directly here.

All the rest can purchase $TOKENWATCH tokens on UniSwap (DEX) or Bitrue (CEX) here:






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