18 Dec 2023
Get Answers: Shiba Inu Team Member Discusses Burning of $1.2 Million in SHIB Tokens

Shibarium development team delays SHIB burns due to Ledger breach, disappointing Shiba Inu community, with no new timeline announced yet.

Claude Pascal
17 Dec 2023
Is Pepe a Good Investment? Analyzing the Potential and Risks of this Meme Coin

Invest in the fun and simple memecoin, Pepe (PEPE), inspired by the controversial internet character, with a bullish trend and a potential high of $0.0000126 by 2028.

Alisha Dar
16 Dec 2023
Get Your Hands on the Coveted Solana Saga Phone for $5,000 on eBay Amidst BONK Craze

Solana Saga phones resell for over $2,000 on eBay due to the phone's 30 million BONK tokens, a Solana-based meme coin, and come with additional benefits such as a free month of access to Helium Mobile and special rewards from apps on Saga's dApp Store.

Ramona Galas
15 Dec 2023
BONK Trading Volume Surpasses Dogecoin and Shiba Inu - A New Contender in the Crypto Market

BONK, the newest Solana-based meme coin, surpasses DOGE and SHIB in trading volume with $1.37 billion, solidifying its position in the meme coin market.

Lisette Lémieux
14 Dec 2023
Shibarium Achieves 100 Million Transactions, Fueling SHIB's Rise - Exciting Developments Ahead!

Shiba Inu's Shibarium blockchain hits 100 million transactions, leading to an 8% price increase for SHIB token, with further growth expected as it transitions to Sepolia Network.

Claude Pascal
13 Dec 2023
Introducing BRC-20 LABB Token by Bitcoin Startup Lab to Foster BTC Startup Community Growth

Bitcoin Startup Lab launches LABB, a community-centric BRC-20 token empowering BTC entrepreneurs, with similarities to Bitcoin and a capped total supply of 21 million.

Alisha Dar
12 Dec 2023
Is it Time to Sell Your Shiba Inu? Highest Profitability in 10 Months

Shiba Inu holders see increased profitability with new 10-month high for cryptocurrency, despite majority still holding at a loss.

Lisette Lémieux
11 Dec 2023
Europe invests $43 million in crypto funds with Bitcoin and Ether being the top choices

Europe leads in crypto investments as US and Asia lag behind, with Bitcoin and Ethereum attracting fresh inflows while investors remain cautious amid recent price increases.

Alisha Dar
10 Dec 2023
Can Ethereum's Price Reach $3000? A Chart Pattern Offers Clues

Ethereum coin price steadily recovers, breaking out from resistance trendline of long-coming wedge pattern, indicating potential for higher recovery and potential 51% surge.

Claude Pascal
09 Dec 2023
Analysts Discuss Bitcoin's Future as Whale Transfers $8.7 Million in Ethereum to Binance

Cryptocurrency whale transfers $8.7 million worth of Ethereum to Binance, while four analysts provide evaluations for Bitcoin, including bullish outlooks and strategic investment advice.

Lisette Lémieux