About ToTheMoonScore

Unique ToTheMoonScore to show the potential growth of tokens based on:

  • AI prediction algorithms
  • the mood of the crypto markets
  • community voting, perception and sentiments


ToTheMoonScore is AI driven technology consists of:

  1. AI driven algorithm that helps collect all the token sentiments into one score
    1. technical chart analysis,
    2. momentum tracker,
    3. sentiment analysis,
    4. market trends,
    5. social media news,
    6. market data
  2. Additional
    1. Token price growth,
    2. Token holders number and growth,
    3. Trade volume


Besides that a significant impact is done by our and other tokens’ communities.

Hence these 2 parameters we add up to the ToTheMoonScore:

  • TokenWatch Voters - people who vote for the particular token
  • Number of votes


Top TokenWatch Tokens by Voters*


Top TokenWatch Tokens by Votes**

*, ** - Voters and Votes shares from the total amount correspondingly are shown for the last 24 hours
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