From DeGods NFT Surge to Y00ts' Controversial Move: This Week in Blockchain

Lisette Lémieux
17 Aug 2023
Coinbase unveiled its latest Base blockchain this week, while DeGods NFTs have seen a surge due to the announcement of their next series. Additionally, Microsoft and Aptos are collaborating to introduce new blockchain AI solutions.

The NFT set Y00ts faced backlash when it revealed its plan to move from Polygon to Ethereum, especially after receiving a significant grant from Polygon earlier. Concurrently, its associated project DeGods showcased art for its upcoming collection, resulting in an increase in its trading activity.

In the meantime, Coinbase has officially rolled out its Base blockchain and is marking the occasion with Onchain Summer, a series of Web3 events spanning art, gaming, and music, partnering with notable brands such as Coca-Cola and Friends With Benefits. However, the most talked-about project on Base, the app, has brought up some concerns.

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