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18 Dec 2023
Get Answers: Shiba Inu Team Member Discusses Burning of $1.2 Million in SHIB Tokens

Shibarium development team delays SHIB burns due to Ledger breach, disappointing Shiba Inu community, with no new timeline announced yet.

Claude Pascal
17 Dec 2023
Is Pepe a Good Investment? Analyzing the Potential and Risks of this Meme Coin

Invest in the fun and simple memecoin, Pepe (PEPE), inspired by the controversial internet character, with a bullish trend and a potential high of $0.0000126 by 2028.

Alisha Dar
14 Dec 2023
Shibarium Achieves 100 Million Transactions, Fueling SHIB's Rise - Exciting Developments Ahead!

Shiba Inu's Shibarium blockchain hits 100 million transactions, leading to an 8% price increase for SHIB token, with further growth expected as it transitions to Sepolia Network.

Claude Pascal
12 Dec 2023
Is it Time to Sell Your Shiba Inu? Highest Profitability in 10 Months

Shiba Inu holders see increased profitability with new 10-month high for cryptocurrency, despite majority still holding at a loss.

Lisette Lémieux
01 Dec 2023
Microcap Punters Drive Surge in Cybertruck Tokens Following Elon Musk's "Go F--K Yourself" Inspiration

Elon Musk's controversial statements have led to the creation of hundreds of tokens, including GFY, TRUCK, and GROK, with some reaching market capitalizations exceeding $25 million, highlighting the persistent issue of opportunistic developers creating tokens inspired by popular concepts in the crypto world.

Alisha Dar
26 Nov 2023
A new meme coin is predicted to surpass Ethereum and Cardano with a projected growth of 3500%

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is a new meme coin generating buzz as it aims to challenge industry giants like Ethereum and Cardano, offering real-world applications, play-to-earn gaming, NFT marketplace, staking possibilities, and a secure team.

Lisette Lémieux
24 Nov 2023
The activity of burning Shiba Inu has increased significantly, leading to a rise in the price of SHIB

Shibburn reports a significant increase in the burning of Shiba Inu tokens, indicating efforts to support SHIB tokenomics and catching the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Lisette Lémieux
17 Nov 2023
Is it time to place your bets on Shiba Memu for the upcoming crypto bull run?

Crypto outperforms traditional assets with Bitcoin surging by 120%, driven by TradFi trend, possibility of Fed not hiking rates, and falling supply.

Alisha Dar
15 Nov 2023
Keep an Eye on These 3 Fresh Meme Coins as Cryptocurrency Prices Surge

As Bitcoin and Ethereum surge, traders are turning to meme coins for potential gains, and this article highlights five emerging meme coins, including Meme Kombat, Wall Street Memes, and Sponge.

Lisette Lémieux
10 Sep 2023
3 Factors Indicating Pepe's Price Will Continue to Decline in September

A combination of on-chain, fundamental, and technical indicators suggests that Pepecoin's price may continue to decrease in the upcoming month.

Ramona Galas
04 Sep 2023
Shibarium Hits 1 Million Wallets Amid Impressive Growth, SHIB Struggles to Catch Up

Despite a more than 20% decline in the price of SHIB since the turbulent launch of the layer-2 network, Shibarium network activity has surged.

Ramona Galas
31 Aug 2023
Hitting Milestones: Does Shibarium's Progress Point to SHIB's Rise to Uncharted Levels?

Shiba Inu's (SHIB) recent achievements and prospects for further growth are in focus, driven by Shibarium's resurgent activity and a brief consolidation break that propelled SHIB to a 10-day high of $0.00000850 during the recent market upswing.

Claude Pascal
25 Aug 2023
Dogecoin Millionaire Sees Holdings Fall from $3M to $50K as Whales Flock to New Meme Coins

Meme tokens are renowned for their intense "high-risk, high-reward" potential. While some meme coin investors have experienced impressive gains within weeks, others have faced significant losses due to poor investments.

Alisha Dar
16 Aug 2023
Shibarium Ethereum L2 Blockchain by Shiba Inu Goes Live on Mainnet

Shibarium has completed its beta testing phase, during which it witnessed the creation of 21 million wallets, generating immense interest among users well before its official release.

Alisha Dar
08 Aug 2023
Potential Milestone: Shiba Inu's Path to 5 Cents Explored - Predicting the Arrival of $0.05 for SHIB

Embark on a captivating exploration of Shiba Inu's ascent, its potential to surge past crucial milestones, and the volatile landscape of crypto investment.

Alisha Dar
04 Aug 2023
From Science Lab to Crypto Market Superconductor Sparks Memecoin Trend

A groundbreaking room-temperature superconductor recently made its debut, and swiftly, a memecoin linked to it surfaced.

Lisette Lémieux