Q2 2023: Laying the Foundation

  • Conduct comprehensive market research to understand current trends.
  • Define the core values and unique functionalities of TokenWatch Platform.
  • Assemble a dynamic and skilled team to drive the project.
  • Commence the development of the TokenWatch Platform.
  • Create the initial prototype of the TokenWatch Platform.

Q3 2023: Engaging with the Community and Enhancing Technology

  • Begin developing AI algorithms and define logic routes for the ‘ToTheMoonScore’ of tokens.
  • Develop the Closed Beta Test (CBT) version of the TokenWatch Platform.
  • Initiate the development of the ToTheMoonScore, our unique token assessment feature.

Q4 2023: Expanding Visibility and Functionality

  • Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session focused on the platform's values.
  • Launch the TokenWatch Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
  • Develop and audit the $TOKENWATCH token smart contract.
  • Deploy the $TOKENWATCH token and commence trading on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).
  • Host an AMA focusing on the ToTheMoonScore AI system.
  • Implement the first token burn event for TokenWatch, demonstrating our commitment to token value.
  • Enhance social media presence and sharing capabilities.
  • Conduct a second AMA to discuss Platform values and functionalities.
  • Introduce promotional and advertising features specifically tailored for meme tokens.
  • Continue the development and refinement of the ToTheMoonScore.

Q1 2024: Expanding User Engagement and Platform Capabilities

  • Enable voting capabilities with $TOKENWATCH tokens.
  • Start $TOKENWATCH token trading on Centralized Exchanges (CEX).
  • Implement Web3 authorization in the platform for enhanced security and user experience.
  • Further enhance promotional and advertising features for meme tokens.
  • Extend support to BSC blockchain, broadening our platform's reach.
  • Launch TokenWatch Telegram Signal bot to provide TOP ToTheMoonScore predictions to $TOKENWATCH holders.
  • Develop a TRIAL plan for the Signal bot.
  • Release TokenWatch Referral Program.

Q2 2024: Expanding User Engagement and Platform Capabilities

  • Develop a statistics web page to track and verify the performance publicly of Top-30 TokenWatch AI predictions over 1, 2, 7, and 30 days.
  • Develop the same statistics page for the "48 hours strategy"
  • Launch the initial set of first AirDrop campaigns.
  • Development TokenWatch API
  • First partnerships for the use of TokenWatch API
  • Extend support to Base, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, and Solana blockchains, broadening our platform's reach.
  • Exclusive Program for Ambassadors
  • Make continuous improvements to the ToTheMoonScore.

H2 2024: Broadening Horizons and Deepening Security

  • Develop voting leaderboards to foster community engagement.
  • Localize the platform in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian, with plans for further linguistic expansion.
  • Start monthly TokenWatch Referral Program competition rewarding with $TOKENWATCH tokens.
  • Introduce both locked and unlocked staking options for $TOKENWATCH tokens.
  • Expand $TOKENWATCH token trading to more Centralized Exchanges (CEX).
  • Launch a new page dedicated to Token Details, providing deeper insights into listed tokens.
  • Unveil a new TokenWatch Academy website, focusing on user education and engagement.
  • Extend support to additional blockchain networks, broadening our platform's reach.
  • Conduct a significant $TOKENWATCH token burn to sustain token economics.
  • Launch the next AirDrop campaigns.
  • Continue to refine and improve the ToTheMoonScore, ensuring its relevance and accuracy.