Zash has been acquired by CoinGecko to incorporate NFT data into its API

Ramona Galas
12 Dec 2023
CoinGecko acquires NFT data infrastructure provider Zash to expand its cryptocurrency services and offer comprehensive NFT information to users by Q2 2024.

Zash, a leading NFT data infrastructure and intelligence provider, has been acquired by CoinGecko, a prominent independent cryptocurrency data aggregator. This strategic move will enable CoinGecko to expand its cryptocurrency services by integrating Zash's NFT information into its API, providing users with a comprehensive view of fungible and non-fungible tokens.

CoinGecko plans to incorporate Zash's NFT data into its API by Q2 2024, offering enterprise-grade, indexed NFT data from various blockchain ecosystems, comprehensive NFT metadata, historical trade information, and NFT lending data indexing from platforms like Blend, X2Y2, and NFTfi. CoinGecko also aims to enhance its service offerings by integrating Zash's NFT data infrastructure into its existing NFT floor price tracker.

The acquisition aligns with CoinGecko's commitment to reliable cryptocurrency data and its goal of empowering a decentralized future.

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