The Sweet Platform has brought the National Hockey League on board with digital collectibles

Ramona Galas
12 Dec 2023
NHL partners with Sweet to launch NHL Breakaway, a digital collectibles platform featuring "The Trade Lounge" for fan interaction and trading.

The NHL has joined the trend of digital collectibles by launching NHL Breakaway in partnership with Sweet.

Sweet is a platform that allows brands to create NFT collectibles under the Ethereum ERC-721 standard on Polygon and the Ethereum mainnet. The launch of NHL Breakaway includes a unique feature called "The Trade Lounge", which is a hub for collector community interaction where fans can trade packs and highlights of their favorite plays or NHL players with others in the community.

Other NFT platforms have also created hockey-related collectibles, such as Pastel Network's SmartMint platform, which recently announced a new collection tied to Bobby Orr.

The official launch of NHL Breakaway was scheduled for Wednesday, but a beta version has been live since April.

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