The listing of Bitget triggers a surge in the price of El Hippo

Ramona Galas
12 Dec 2023
El Hippo (HIPP) meme coin experiences over 250% increase since launch, with a 65% rise after being listed on Bitget, and potential for growth through incentivizing community with airdrops and meme contests.

The El Hippo (HIPP) meme coin has experienced a significant increase of over 250% since its launch, with a 65% rise in the past few days after being listed on Bitget. The price and social media trends of HIPP are on the rise as more people become aware of the meme coin.

Let's take a closer look at the project, its price action, and its potential future.

El Hippo is a meme coin that was launched in August 2023 and has over 10,000 HIPP holders with a market cap exceeding $6.5 million as of mid-November. However, to match the market cap of Dogecoin, which is $10.6 billion, El Hippo needs to grow significantly. This potential for growth appeals to some in the crypto community, despite the associated high-risk, high-reward nature. El Hippo incentivizes its community with airdrops and meme contests to encourage activity and price growth.

El Hippo is currently paying out $1,400 to the community over the next two weeks via Zealy, and there is also a $10,000 airdrop in partnership with Bitget that is currently underway. The Bitget airdrop ends on Nov. 28, with more giveaways planned to celebrate the listing also in the works.

Since listing on Bitget on Nov. 21, El Hippo has surged to a monthly high. This is common for small-cap coins, as listings often trigger gains. The team plans to list HIPP on more centralized exchanges and partner with more influencers. HIPP is currently trading at $0.000000009, close to its all-time high.

Notably, the price increase was gradual, following a period of support building over the past month. In technical analysis, this pattern is typically viewed as more sustainable. Users can purchase HIPP through Uniswap, a direct fiat transfer of 14 currencies via the El Hippo website, and on the Bitget and MEXC exchanges.

El Hippo has fostered an engaged community by consistently rewarding them. This community actively creates images and videos to promote the project online, helping boost brand awareness and even prices.

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