Cardano's treasury system: Funding projects through community proposals

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Russell Graves
03/11/2023 12:00 AM


    The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is evolving rapidly, and many projects are exploring innovative ways to fund their development and growth. Cardano has introduced a treasury system that leverages the power of its community to make crucial decisions regarding project funding.

    Understanding Cardano

    Cardano is a blockchain platform known for its research-driven approach to development. It focuses on providing a secure and scalable infrastructure for the development of decentralized applications and smart contracts. At the core of Cardano is the ADA cryptocurrency, which is used for staking, transactions, and now, as part of the treasury system.

    The Cardano treasury system

    Cardano's treasury system is designed to ensure the platform's sustainability and growth. It is an innovative approach that distinguishes Cardano from many other blockchain projects.

    3.1. Funding through ADA staking

    A unique feature of Cardano's treasury system is that it funds projects through ADA staking. A portion of the staking rewards, which are typically distributed to ADA holders who participate in the network's security, is directed to the treasury. This mechanism ensures that the treasury has a consistent source of funding.

    3.2. Decentralized decision-making

    What truly sets Cardano apart is its decentralized decision-making process. ADA holders can submit proposals for projects they believe will benefit the Cardano ecosystem. The community then votes on these proposals, and the projects that receive sufficient support are funded. This decentralized approach allows the Cardano community to actively shape the platform's development.

    3.3. Transparency and accountability

    Transparency and accountability are crucial components of the treasury system. All proposals, votes, and funding allocations are recorded on the Cardano blockchain, ensuring complete transparency. This feature encourages responsible and ethical project management.

    3.4. Incentivizing long-term growth

    The treasury system aligns incentives for the long-term growth of Cardano. Projects that receive funding are incentivized to contribute positively to the platform's ecosystem, as their success benefits the entire community.

    Real-world projects funded by the Cardano treasury

    The Cardano treasury system has already funded several real-world projects, including:

    Liquid Finance: A decentralized lending platform that aims to provide DeFi services on Cardano.Project Catalyst: An ambitious endeavor that uses the treasury system to fund innovative projects and initiatives.


    Cardano's treasury system stands as a testament to the power of community-driven governance and decentralized decision-making. By directly involving the community in shaping the platform's future, Cardano has pioneered a unique and transparent approach to project funding.


    Cardano's treasury system funds projects through ADA staking. A portion of the staking rewards is directed to the treasury, ensuring a consistent source of funding.
    Any ADA holder can submit proposals for funding. The community then votes on these proposals to determine which projects receive funding.
    Cardano records all proposals, votes, and funding allocations on the blockchain, ensuring complete transparency and accountability.
    Real-world projects funded by the Cardano treasury include Liquid Finance, a decentralized lending platform, and Project Catalyst, which funds innovative initiatives on the platform.
    The treasury system incentivizes long-term growth by encouraging funded projects to contribute positively to the Cardano ecosystem, benefiting the entire community.

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